Your personal biorhythm

What to do ? Just insert your birthday in the form YYYY, MM, DD and click on the calc button. That's really all. If you don't know anything about biorhythm and what it means for you, let me explain it in a few words:

Every time the lines crossing the middle line this is called a critical day. The date of this day you can see just below the middle line. On these days you should pay a little more attention to your life (if you believe it), depending on the meaning of the line (look at the right side). If a line is in the upper half of the chart this means positive energies. In the opposite, a line in the lower part stands for the absence of these energies. For example, on a day you feel you can get everything all the lines may be above the middle and have one peak together.
Be aware of days there two or three lines are crossing together. On these days most people have enormous problems (also if they don't believe in it ;-).

Sorry, but the biorythm applet requires a java aware browser.
Autor of this java applet: Jin Sato, 1996